Via Piemonte, 48

1.600 square meters of pure style.

The Spierer, built at the beginning of the 20th century, has an eclectic and a retro charm recalling the French hôtels particuliers. The facade is dominated by a refined Neo-Rococo style with stuccoes, capitals and naturalistic decorations that amaze every visitor. The villa is not only an affirmation of prestige and of refinement, but of a strong personality as well.

For those who love to be noticed.

5 floors living upto all expectations.

The interior carries an even more grandiose atmosphere: large colourful stained glass windows, marble floors, elegant parquets, stuccoes, an impressive staircase and delicately frescoed ceilings. Large and versatile spaces that are also suitable to open space solutions.

Art has never been closer.